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VHF NFD on 7th and 8th July 2018 was at Greenfield (IO91SX). We made 90 QSOs on 2m with best DX DA0FF at IO40XL, 688km; 102 QSOs on 4m with best DX GM4ZUK/P at IO86RW, 568km; 86 QSOs on 6m with best DX YO2LEA at KN06WK, 1728km

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Are you interested in amateur radio contesting? We are looking for some new members to join our contesting group. We take part in a range of contests each year, just take a look at this web site to see the type of contest we enter. They range from HF contests to VHF, UHF and microwave contests using our club callsign (G3SVJ) or our contest callsign (G2L). Our style of contesting is fairly relaxed with everyone helping to setup, operate and take down the stations. We have a good range of equipment and between us we have a lot of contesting experience. We aim to do as well as we can but also enjoy ourselves.

If you are keen to join us please contact us via this web site or Facebook to find out more.

Last Update  10/07/2018