Luton VHF Group - G3SVJ / G2L

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In 1970 The Luton VHF Group went on a DXpedition to Cwmbran in Wales for the September VHF NFD. We set off in 4 vehicles: Brian Bourne's MK11 Ford Consul towing a trailer made from the back end of a Mini with our generator, Paul Taylor's Vauxhall 101 with the food (Paul was the Chef), Barry Jackson's Mini Van loaded to the gunnels with equipment, Andy Barter's Ford Classic loaded with more equipment. We had found out about a site called Mynid Mayne (I think that is how you spell it), it was supposed to have easy access but was in fact a steep rutted track that claimed many parts of our cars including sills from the Ford Consul, an exhaust from the Vauxhall 101, a petrol pipe from the Mini Van and the Ford Classic was grounded on its diff on some deep ruts. The contest was a memorable event, the most dramatic event was the generator running wild when the chain drive to the governor broke, that claimed the AR88 used for 2m receive and several other valves and bulbs.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s The Luton VHF Group used Galley Hill, near Luton as a contest site. In those days it was relatively easy to drive to the top of the hill. nowadays it is nearly impossible because the golf course has expanded and the access tracks have been blocked to stop joy riders.