Luton VHF Group - G3SVJ / G2L

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May 2006 was the contest that made us decide to get the old Luton Club callsign G3SVJ. We operated more bands than ever before and a lot of our contacts were confused by all of the callsigns we used. We used G1JCC/P on 70cm, G8ATD/P on 23cm. G4LBH/P on 13cm and 9cm and G4LOO/P on 3cm. Passing contacts from one band to another was not easy, using a single club callsign on all bands is much easier.

For the October 2006 contest we went to our usual site near Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire (IO91RU). We went to site on Friday 6th October to give us time to set up all of the equipment. The weather was not that great and Don, Dick and Andy spent about 20 minutes hanging on to a partly erected gazebo while a very heavy rain storm passed over.

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