Luton VHF Group - G3SVJ / G2L

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In May 2013 we were QRV on 70cm and 23cm from Therfield. The weather was fantastic for the contest. We were at IO92XA (Therfield). On 70cm we ran 400W into a pair of PowaBeam antennas and made 12 contacts with the best DX being DL0GTH at 768km. On 23cm we ran 100W into a box of 4 Tonnas and made 22 contact with the best being DF0MU at 502km

In July we took part in the IOTA contest from Holy Island (EU124). We made 713 QSOs during the contest. Because we rented a cottage on Holy island for week we took the opportunity to activate the local mountain (Holyhead mountain) for SOTA

2013 history