Luton VHF Group - G3SVJ / G2L

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In January 2016 we took part in the BARTG RTTY Sprint contest from Greenfield. Ian, G1JCC; Don, G4LOO and Bryan, M0BIK braved the rain and cold on Friday to put up the antennas. They put up an A3S beam, 80m, 40m an 20m dipoles on an 80 foot tower; a Butternut vertical and a 40m square four. On Saturday Terry, G4UEM and Andy, G8ATD joined them to complete the setup ready to start at 12:00 GMT. We had two Kenwood transceivers driving ACOM PAs. Ian provided two new Dell PCs running the N1MM logging program. Conditions were not very good with most activity on 40m and 20m. There was some activity on 15m but 10m was silent all weekend. We managed to make 653 contacts which was quite an improvement on the 2015 result.

January 2016 BARTG RTTY Sprint contest