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In 2015 four members of the group (Don, G4LOO; Terry, G4UEM; Bryan, M0BIK and Andy, G8ATD) made the trip to the Ham Radio Exhibition in Friedrichshafen. We hired a people carrier and drove to the exhibition so that we had room to bring back any purchases that we made. We crossed from Dover to Dunkirk just missing the first day of the ferry dispute by the ex My Ferry workers by one day. From Dunkirk we travelled to Lustin in Belgium for our first night stopover. The next day we travelled to Friedrichshafen via Stuttgart to see the Mercedes museum. We stayed for four nights in Friedrichshafen that gave us two full days at the exhibition and one day to go to the Dornier and Zeppelin museums plus a trip on The Bodensee (Lake Constance). We travelled back stopping overnight in Maastricht to Dunkirk. Unfortunately round two of the ferry strike was in full force and the French police were stopping all traffic from entering the port even though it was apparently open. We quickly decide to give up on France and organised a ferry the next day from The Hook Of Holland to Harwich. That did involve us in an extra night in a hotel in Holland plus a long drive from Harwich to Margate to drop off Andy (much easier if the return had been to Dover)

We all enjoyed the trip, the exhibition is just amazing with two big flea market halls and a large traders hall. The flea market has stuff that you never see in the UK. Purchases included a 6cm transverter and PA, a 3cm feed and PA, antennas and various small components.

Luton VHF Group trip to the Ham Radio exhibition in Friedrichshafen 2015