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Five of us took part in IOTA 2015: Terry, G4UEM; Ian, G1JCC; Don, G4LOO; Bryan, M0BIK and Andy, G8ATD. Bryan and Don set up the antennas on a rainy Friday. The rest of us arrived on Saturday morning to finish setting up. Owen Williams from SADARS also came to help. We put up two tri band beams, 40m and 80m dipoles and a 40m square four. Terry brought along his two K3s, one with an Acom PA for the run station and one with a KPA500 PA for the multiplier station. Andy brought along two laptops to run the WinTest logging program.

We made 491 QSOs which was disappointing but conditions were poor with no big runs plus 15m and 10m were very quiet.

Saturday was quite good weather but on Sunday the rains came again when we were taking down the antennas.

We all had a good time and great food cooked by Bryan.

IOTA 2015 from the barn at Greenfield (EU005)