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IOTA 2017 from Greenfield

We took part in the IOTA 2017 contest from Greenfield (EU005). We made 910 QSOs giving 930,000 points. We had two stations supplied by Terry (G4UEM), the run station was an Elecraft K3 with a P3 panadapter and an Acom 1000 PA. The multiplier station was an Elecraft K3 with a KAT500 automatic ATU and a KPA500 PA. To protect the receivers Don (G4LOO) supplied switched filters and tuned stubs. Ian (G1JCC) supplied two PCs running N1MM logging software. The antennas were two tri band beams, 40m square four and wire dipoles for 80m and 20m.

Conditions were poor with no USA west coast, VK or ZL on 20m but Venezula and Japan plus lots of Middle East