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VHF NFD 2019 from Therfield

We  took part in VHF NFD 2019 from Therfield (IO92XA). We were QRV on 2m and 23cm making life a lot easier for the four of us who were there (Don, G4LOO; Ian, G1JCC; Terry, G4UEM and Andy, G8ATD.

We used Ian’s TS-590, ME2HT transverter and Gemini PA on 2m with 2 x 9 element M2 beams on a 20m tower. We made 130 QSOs with the best DX being OZ1ALS at JO44XX, 738km

We used Terry’s brand new IC 9700 and Gemini PA on 23cm with a 67 Wimo beam on a 10m pump up mast . We made 52 QSOs with the best DX being DJ5AR at JN49CV, 624km

Conditions during the contest were good to the continent but not so good into the rest of The UK. UK activity was  quite low.

The IC 9700 performed very well but before the contest started there was some trouble setting some CQ frequencies in memory (see photo collage).

Q  How long does it take two competent radio amateurs to set two frequencies in the memory of an IC 9700

A  An hour!

The manual was consulted but that was a red herring, talking about the band stacking register. Terry and Ian spent about an hour before Ian found the solution on YouTube . The ICOM video on YouTube claimed that the IC 9700 can be used without a manual, we found out why - The procedure is NOT in the manual!!