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October 2015 432 and up contest at Margate

For the October 2015 432 and up contest we went to Andy’s (G8ATD) bungalow in Margate. We were QRV on 70cm, 23cm, 13cm and 3cm.

The 70cm station was supplied by Terry (G4UEM): Elecraft K3 plus a DB6NT transverter with a Beko PA and an SSB masthead pre amplifier with a 40 element beam antenna.

The 23cm and 13cm stations were Andy’s home equipment: 23cm - IC910 with 45W PA and a Mini Kits pre amplifier with a 46 element Wimo antenna: 13cm FT817 plus a Down East Microwave transverter and 25W PA and a Down East Microwave pre amplifier with a 40 element Wimo antenna.

The 3cm station was supplied by Don (G4LOO): DB6NT transverter plus a 10W pa and pre amplifier with a 50cm dish antenna.

We made 110 QSOs on 70cm with best DX DK2OY at 676km, 35 QSOs on 23cm with best DX GD8EXI at 513km, 12QSOs on 13cm with best DX OT5A/P at 336km, 5 QSOs on 3cm with best DX PA6NL at 195km