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VHF NFD 2017 at Greenfield

We took part in VHF NFD 2017 from Greenfield. This was supposed to be a relaxing weekend playing radio but we still put up 3 stations with just 5 of us so it was not as relaxing as it could have been. We were QRV on:

6m on Saturday using mostly Terry’s (G4UEM) equipment:a giant 6 element LFA quad antenna, Elecraft K3 with 6m preamp + KPA 500 PA. We worked 117 stations with the best DX being LY1R at 1609km (KO14RV)

4m on Sunday using mostly Terry’s equipment: a giant 13 element home brew Yagi from Bryan (M0BIK), Elecraft K3 +DB6NT transverter + Gemini PA. We worked 102 stations with the best DX being GM4ZUK/P at 568km (IO86RW)

2m all weekend using mostly Ian’s (G1JCC) equipment: 2 x 9 element M2 antennas (from Terry), TS-590 + M2E2HT transverter + Gemini PA (from Phil M0NVS). We worked 142 stations with the best DX being DA0FF at 744km (JO40XL)