Luton VHF Group - G3SVJ / G2L

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The Luton VHF group was formed in the 1960s by amateurs from the Luton area, as a contest group, after the Luton Radio Club folded up. The initial members were:

Don Ross, G8CDL - now G4LOO

Bryan Bourne, G8EIK - now M0BIK (Sadly Bryan became a silent key on 19/11/2018)

Brian Farey, G8GHR

Andy Barter, G8ATD

Barry Jackson, G8FFM

We took part in many RSGB VHF and UHF contests mainly from hillsides around Luton with some memorable DXpeditions to Ireland and Wales.

We now have the old Luton Club callsign G3SVJ for VHF / UHF contests and G2L for HF contests

The current members are from left to right; Don Ross - G4LOO, Ian Jefferson - G1JCC, Terry Baldwin - G4UEM, Andy Barter - G8ATD, Barry Jackson - G8FFM

Members through the years